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Adam Lambert Gives Helping Hand to Charity and Crashes Servers

Apr 23, 11 Adam Lambert Gives Helping Hand to Charity and Crashes Servers

Adam Lambert‘s desire to create some viral buzz for Friendfactor launches a traffic onslaught and crashed their servers.

The Glamberts out there are so supportive of anything Adam mentions that the website hosting the charity event, CharityHappenings.org, received so much traffic it literally crashed their servers after the 1pm EST tweet on April 20th Adam sent out.

CharityHappenings.org is designed to help non-profit charities generate buzz, promote their events and process ticket sales.

Many charities pray they have a good turn out, they didn’t expect the digital doors to be crashed in.

This event is to be hosted by Chelsea Clinton, Kristen Bell, Andy Cohen and Miss New York. – a system devoted to helping non-profits use a simple interface to generate buzz , promote events and process ticket sales.

Friendfactor is a type of next-generation gay rights organization for the straight and gay alike that want to speed up the achievement of freedoms for the LGBT community of America.

This particular tweet was focused on a May 3rd launch party Friendfactor was hosting for an online tool, “Friend-setter,” that specifically helps straight people stand up for gay rights too.

Basically, all Adam tweeted was “Check out Friendfactor” with the link to the event page and voila…virtual mayhem.

Director of CharityHappenings.org, Director, Justin Baer, explained:

“Our Servers got Glam’ed, but we are back in action and appreciate Adam’s support. We’re working to ensure that our servers are ready for another onslaught from Adam’s Glam Nation.”

The @CharityHappens Twitter page was inundated with Glamberts tweeting such things as:

“Welcome to Glam Nation! Crashing websites is what we do. Consider it our version of a casserole.”

To follow Adam Lambert on Twitter, he is: @adamlambert


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